Pictures: This area around Kingman, AZ has some different cactus and wild flowers from Havasu even though they are only a few miles apart. The difference is the elevation at about 3000 feet different. One of things that I have come to love about the west is that driving only a few miles can change the environment greatly. It is not all that changed between here and Havasu but it is different.

Wild Flower 5_7D2_020416

Cactus 4_7D2_020416

Cactus 3_7D2_020416
Cactus: There many cactus in AZ, here is a nice Cactus link. If you look at the Teddy Bear Cholla, it is the one I call the evil cactus 🙂

Exercise: Today was about two miles on the bike trail and with the bike today, pretty short ride but I’ll work on it. Oddly enough the average age of the bikers I see on the trail seem to be a bit younger 🙂

Night folks