Ash-throated FlyCatcher

Pictures: I going with Ash-throated Flycatcher on this bird.

Ash-throated FlyCatcher- 9_7D2_070416

Ash-throated FlyCatcher- 14_7D2_070416

WordPress: I contacted WordPress though their Help and Support tab in the WordPress app (for android) and ask about the likers not displaying right and they say that someone else had contacted them about it and they would keep me informed about it. Okay well see πŸ™‚

Exercise: Walk about 3 miles and rode the bike about 4 miles today.

Night folks


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  1. Beautiful birds, beautiful pictures! I always get a nice visits in your blog, John! πŸ™‚ About bikes, the weather is beginning to be good here in Sweden, well, in the south where I live, so at last I can begin to ride, and i love it, I ride for hours with my mountain bike.

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