Black-throated Sparrow

Pictures: Black throated Sparrow, Seen this one on my walk today.

Black-throated Sparrow 9_7D2_090416

Black-throated Sparrow 8_7D2_090416

Weather: In the desert I usually don’t talk about rain more then one day but it looks like we are in for a few days of it and that is a good thing …. even if it keeps me inside more 😦

Night folks


4 thoughts on “Black-throated Sparrow

    1. Thank you, I have seen this much rain here in the desert before but it sure has been a long time ago, it is good that we are getting this much. The rain seem to be waiting on me, ever time I get a mile or so away from the RV it starts up πŸ™‚ But that is Okay, I take a plastic bag or two in the back pack for my camera gear just in case! And as for me, I don’t mind getting a little wet πŸ™‚

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