Brewer’s Sparrow

Pictures: I am guessing this is a Brewer’s Sparrow, that I seen on yesterdays walk.

Brewer's Sparrow 3b_7D2_090416

Brewer's Sparrow 2b_7D2_090416

Weather: More Rain, I am beginning to think I am somewhere that it rains all the time and not in the desert o_O I have an outside thermometer and I see the temperature has actually went down since I got up this morning. At about 50 just now. 50° is fine for the night time but I like my days a bit warmer, so even when you have wheels on your house you don’t always get the best weather but it ain’t so bad either. Also I am glad to seen the rain as it is so needed for the area, or pretty much all over the west.

Night folks