Montezuma Well

Pictures: These shots of Montezuma Well. The place looks like a every day sink hole with water in it but …… ” contains a near-constant volume of spring water even in times of severe drought, amounting to approximately 15,000,000 US gallons (57,000,000 L).” That is a lot of water going in and out of the that hole every day. Not good for drinking sadly. Give it a read for the above link, it is interesting.

This first picture is of one of the outlets and it was moving pretty fast.
Montezuma Well-  37_7d1__240416

This is the hole that don’t look like much, but it is a water hole that don’t quit.
Montezuma Well 26_7d1__240416

Looks like it had some residents at one time, top left.
Montezuma Well 24_7d1__240416

Weather: Windy and rain, I guess it’s our turn!

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