Out of Africa

Pictures: My friend and I went to the Out of Africa wild life park and here are some shots from that. Today’s pictures of animals are unfortunately behind fences 😦 I am going to have a few of these. What are these animals you ask …? Sorry I don’t know, things went way too fast for me to keep up and take pictures too, but if someone would like to add the names in comments I’ll label them.

Update: Thank you (Boeta and gang) Our Rumbling Ocean For the IDs. Also, check this one Having fun with my Camera

Sable antelope (not mature) Here is a link to Wikipedia now that I know it’s ID.
OutofAfrica 66_7d1__250416

Eland (biggest in Africa). Here is a link to Wikipedia
OutofAfrica 1_7d1__250416

Weather: Still got the wind but it is a very nice day even with the wind. The temperatures are golden!

Night folks