Out of Africa wild life park, Loin

Pictures: Today is a loin, I am sad to say this is likely the only way I will ever see one and it sadden me a bit seeing this loin in such a small space. Again please forgive the fence for the photos, I wish I could have been looking at this loin from much farther away with no fence, I am sure we would have both like that better. The keepers were moving this one from one area to another (likely for viewing) as best I could tell, and why the keeper went next to the fence I don’t know. The sounds coming from the loin told me they were too close. Mind you, I know nothing about these animals, just thinking aloud.

Remember you can click the images for a bigger picture.
Loin 85_7d1__250416

Loin 91_7d1__250416

In the next two I am less than 10 feet from the animal, and again I wish I could have seem it in it’s real home(or where that should be) and I am sure I would not have wanted to be this close!
Loin 102_7d1__250416

Loin 105_7d1__250416

Night folks