Out of Africa (Wild Life Park) Prairie dog

Pictures: I think the first one is just your every day Prairie dog, not sure if they have those guys in Africa but there are plenty of them in these parts. The folks where talking about the second one when I pass by and I said I’ll remember that name ….. but I didn’t 😦

Prairie dog 18-7D2-250416

Hmmmm 54-7D2-250416

Exercise: I have been doing my two miles a day but need too find the energy to do something bigger. Can’t seem to find ambition of late!

Night folks


4 thoughts on “Out of Africa (Wild Life Park) Prairie dog

  1. I have never seen a prairie dog so close in any picture, don´t know why, but when i see it now i wonder where the name coming from, maybe they sound as a dog? The second one, is it a pet? 🙂

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    1. Thanks John, I’m not sure were the name came from either. The second one was part out the wild life thing but they have it on a leash, don’t know why.


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