Out of Africa (Wild Life Park) Last

Pictures: This will be the last of the pictures from the Wild Life Park. This is a loin and a White Tiger. They where both in the same area.

Pair 162_7d1__250416

Loin 160_7d1__250416

liger 158_7d1__250416

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10 thoughts on “Out of Africa (Wild Life Park) Last

  1. Tiger and lion can live together and even mate and have kids. Lion was over almost all of Europe but died out at the end of the ice age, there is a tribe in India.

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      1. No, not this one. But it was common in zoos and the humans manipulated ofcourse also by crossing different species of lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars, but not anymore.

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    1. Thanks, no sex on my mind but there must have be when the two that made this one got together 😉 . They look to be power and vicious animals but indeed beautiful creatures.


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