Verda River

Pictures: Couple more shots from the river.

Verda River 18-7D2-050516

Verda River 20-7D2-050516

Wal-Mart: For something to do today I took a ride to Wal-Mart to hang out at the MacDonald’s for a bit and do some internet stuff and save on my band width. I seen to have use a lot this month, not sure why. It gives me something to do for a while anyways! The hardest job for me while here is to not get any of the goodies, hamburgers, pies and such!

Exercise: Yesterday I walk a couple miles and today I rode the bike for about 8 miles on a dirt rode. My Front shifter broke on the bicycle and I had to take it to the shop and get a new one, more dollars gone 😦

Night folks


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  1. That second shot is really nice, especially when viewed larger. The rushing water draws your eye into the area of calm water just like it would a canoe.

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