Acorn Woodpecker and a Robin

Pictures: Frist thing I did when I got here was to go see if the Acorn Woodpecker were still occupying the tree they were in the fall when I stop here and was about to think that maybe they were not and was walking away when I look up and seen a head poking out πŸ™‚

As always, click the images for the bigger pictures.
Peeping out.
Acorn Woodpecker 5-7D2-100516

Robin a2-7D2-100516

Moved: Today I moved north to a place near Flastaff, AZ. It will be colder here because the elevation is higher, about 6700 feet.

Night folks


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    1. Thanks Barbara, I will get a few more woodpecker shots for sure but not sure about the elk. I did see about 6 or 7 deer yesterday on a bike ride πŸ™‚


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