Western Tanager

Pictures: I seen these two Western Tanager the other morning while out with the camera.

Western Tanager 10-7D2-110516

Western Tanager 11-7D2-110516

Riding: My friend and I took a ride today down to the Sedona Arizona area and I was surprised by the beauty of the area. Unfortunately I didn’t know we were going or I would’ve took my camera, so no pictures 😦 My friend just likes to go and you never know which way he is going, so from here on while hanging out with him I’m going to take a camera wherever we go!

Night folks


6 thoughts on “Western Tanager

  1. Great photos – I haven’t seen a Western Tanager yet. Maybe when I hit that area they will still be there. Sure are colorful and pretty! I’d love to see what you capture with your camera in Sedona. There’s lots of beauty there, in town and all the surrounding hills and mountains.

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    1. Thanks, don’t look like it’ll be this time, we’re headed out tomorrow. Maybe this fall ….? It is a beautiful area, I would most likely do a lot of land scape type pictures, I don’t do many city scapes. It has some fine red rock formation. We came back up 89 and that was a fun ride too.


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