HorseShoe Bend

Pictures: A couple of my takes on Horseshoe Bend. I only had the 24-70 with me and a corp camera so both of these are 5 to 7 photos stitch together.

Horseshoe bend _7d1__180516

Horseshoe Bend 2_7d1__180516

Off Grid: Last Night we spent in an area with no connection to anything, internet, phone or even TV! Tonight we are near Bryce Canyon and I do have a MiFi connection with my Verizon device 🙂 We had a hard time finding a good boon-docking spot here, RVers everywhere.

Move: Needless to says there has been a couple of them.

Night folks


21 thoughts on “HorseShoe Bend

    1. Thanks Marc, I use Adobe Photoshop CS6 to stitch them together. I used a tripod to take these shots but I have have pretty fair luck doing them Handheld too. I would try a different stitcher program maybe? Of course you have got to get good shots that are not blurred to start with. Mostly for me it is to try and try again and again and again …….etc 🙂

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