Bryce Canyon 2

Pictures: Couple more shots from Bryce Canyon.

Bryce Cnyon 25_7d1__200516

Bryce Canyon 57_7d1__200516

Tailgate: I made a small move today and when I unhooked my 5th wheel I bent my tailgate 😦 Yet another Boo Boo! I will replace it with a 5th wheel tailgate, when I can figure out how to get one order while out here in nowhere land. The problem is finding a place to ship it to.

Night folks


16 thoughts on “Bryce Canyon 2

  1. I really like the second photo. I think it does a good job of showing the grandeur (not a word I normally use but couldn’t think of a better one) of the canyon.

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    1. Thanks Frank, the sun was coming and going the day I was there and I was there at a bad time of day for pictures, so it was hit and miss, but fun.


  2. Beautiful photos, of course, but such a bummer on the tailgate! That’s one of the problems of being on the road. I’m staying here until tomorrow awaiting packages shipped to the visitor’s center – otherwise I think I would have moved already. Oh, well… I wonder if the Post Office would accept the new tailgate using general delivery. Of course, that would mean you’d need to stay there longer than you want. Bummer for sure. 😦

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    1. Hi Barbara, a lot of these companies you order from don’t say how they are going to ship (done you can contact others you can’t) and I had the post office turn stuff away from FedEx.


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