Missing in Action

Missing: Sorry I have missed a couple of days posting. I have move to what I kind of call a home-base area (A RV Park I sometimes stay at) that is near Deming, NM. About 5 hours driving for two days(each) from Bryce Canyon … but now it is catch-up time. I so enjoyed Bryce Canyon but I need to do some maintenance on the truck and I need a place I can settle into for a bit. I may stay here for the summer. This area does not have a temperature I would normally summer in but I have full hook-ups here so I can run the AC when needed.

Pictures: Anyways here is a couple of shots I took while on the roads in the Bryce Canyon area (Note: there will be more Bryce Canyon Photos coming soon).

This first one was on the chilly morning of my last day at Bryce Canyon, and I liked the looks of the water freezing as the field was being watered.

Near Bryce 44_7d1__230516

This one was just an area on Highway 12 that is on the way to Bryce Canyon, A sunrise on the rocks.
Bryce highway12 41_7d1__230516

More tomorrow:

Night Folks


20 thoughts on “Missing in Action

  1. NM is a place I think I’d like to live…stunning scenery, adobe-style homes in many instances, and such creative types living there. Look forward to your posts from here over the summer. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Jmnowak, I have spend a good bit of time in this area over the years but my photo style keeps changing …. we’ll see what comes out 🙂


  2. If you are going to go missing, Bryce Canyon is one heckuva choice for where to get lost. I went on an amazing camping trip about a decade ago through Arizona and Utah. Every site was different and beautiful in it’s own way. Enjoy! Harlon

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    1. Thanks Harlon, Bryce Canyon is a great place to get lost for a while 🙂 really beautiful area for sure. I agree that both AZ and Utah has some very beautiful places to visit. I love the west in that a short drive can change things so much!

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