Around the RV Park

Pictures: Just a couple of shots from the RV park I’m in.

RV Park 19_7d1__010616

RV Park 23_7d1__010616

Exercise : Still doing the 2 miles a day with a friend. As we walk in the morning I see many more form around the park out exercise, and I like to see that 🙂

Night folks


7 thoughts on “Around the RV Park

  1. Looks like a well set up park, John, lots of facilities. Good. A question or two: a) Do you have a fold-up bicycle with you to alternate from the walking? and b) I’m always curious about personal security with an RV. Had any issues?

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    1. Thanks, I have a regular bicycle. I do switch up a bit but I should rotate between walking and riding more. I have never had a security issues in my near 9 years of RVing.

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