Swamp Cooler

Pictures: Okay, a couple more from Bryce Canyon. I have not gotten out and done much shooting since I have been here in the park. I spend much of my time trying to find a cool place 🙂

Bryce Canyon 70_7d1__200516

Bryce Canyon 68_7d1__200516

Weather: It is just hot here in Deming! I am plug in to power so I can run the AC if I like but I am trying not to run it much in order to save money, so today I brought a portable Swamp cooler from the flea-market and it is doing a fair job, it is dropping the temperature by 7° to 10° and that is enough to make a little differences on a day like today in the mid 90s. I am sure I will still have to run the AC some this summer but maybe not as much.

Night folks