New Clutch for the Truck

Pictures: Couple more from around the RV Park.

These Yucca are at least 18 feet tall, years ago coming from the east I was surprised to see Yucca so big 🙂
Yucca 7_7d1__070616

This mornings sunrise or yesterdays ……
Sunrise 5_7d1__070616

Exercise : I have not did any exercise for the last two days, the knees said no, hurting me a good bit 😦 Maybe I’ll try riding the bicycle in a another day or two.

Weather : It is hitting near a 100 each day, not to my liking but I am staying cool enough.

Truck Maintenance : I am going to have a new Clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing put in the truck, the last one I put in didn’t last long, so more $$$ 😦 Still looking for a good deal on a tailgate.

Night folks


11 thoughts on “New Clutch for the Truck

  1. Love your pics!

    Re exercise. Yes, ride you bike. I have a chronic pain condition that affects all my joints and exercise helps to keep the pain away, despite the initial discomfort. Hope the pain gets better that way. It sucks to hurt.

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    1. Thank you, For sure the bike is less discomforting than walking. For me I don’t feel as much pain walking as I do the next couple days after 😦 well …… unless I over do it like this time, than I feel it both during and later! That is when I know to give it a break for a couple days. So after a couple days, I was back at it this morning and did 10 miles on the bike, a nice ride 🙂

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    1. Thanks, yes I love the Yucca around here, so big. Well both my truck and I have a little age so we need a bit of maintenance now and again 🙂 I had a nice 10 mile ride on the bike this morning 🙂

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