Swamp thing

Pictures: Not doing much in the hot weather. Here is a shot of the Swamp Thing šŸ™‚ Swamp-cooler Now that I know how to use it I am keeping the place between 10 and 15Ā° cooler than outside which is good enough. To do this I have to run it during all the day and well into the evening and I also have to keep a fan running in the other end of the RV blowing the air out, as well as add water to the swamp thing about every two hours. I hope this ends up being cheaper than running the AC! LOL.

The next thing up is that I may not stay as long as I was thinking I would, I’m not liking the heat all that much for one. Two is that while here I use the WiFi from the RV park but I still have to pay for Verizon Data or lose my good deal. So I am thinking I don’t want to pay rent and data rates so we’ll see where this goes. I do have to get some things done to the truck so maybe after that is done I will go on down the road again.

Swamp thing 1_7d1__080616

Exercise: I have ridden 10 miles for the last two days on the bicycle and the knees are doing Okay so far.

Night folks


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  1. Maybe we’re getting harder to please. I, too, am considering moving on from present location in about a week – don’t have much patience with high prices, people who walk thru your paring space or put their trash on your picnic table! Do keep us posted where you land.

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  2. Hiya John! Hey, you can call Verizon and put your plan on hiatus for a month, or 3. I did that on mine when I tried the Huntsville plan, just in case Verizon shut them down. Shut down they did, and I was able to start up my Verizon again.
    Swamp thing looks cool!

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    1. Hi Jeanne, Verizon only allows 90 days a year now and I use 65 for the same reason you did šŸ™‚ so I have to start paying again on the 21 I think. The Swamp thing is doing a good job but I am not sure I will stay to use it, found someone to work on the truck for reasonable rate so maybe I can get back on the road soon šŸ™‚


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