Pinyon Tree

Pictures: Pinyon tree next to my Rig. The area I just left had bigger trees but these are still nice to have just out my door.

Not much of shot here but it will give you size reference, with my truck in the bottom right.

Pinyon Tree 11_7d1__240616

Pinyon Tree 9_7d1__240616

Pinyon Tree 6_7d1__240616

Moved: This Morning I have moved maybe half mile from the Pie Town Camping area to BLM land. That will make me good for at least two more weeks and maybe longer 🙂

Exercise/diet: I befriended a fellow that is a walker, likely more so than I, so I’m getting in plenty of walking exercise, I good thing indeed. I’m in the center of nowhere so staying on my diet is not so hard either seeing as I didn’t bring any bad foods with me 🙂

Night folks


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  1. That’s great you have walking buddy. It’s always easier to walk with someone else along. I do the same thing with the food – I just stocked up on fruits and veggies, and have lots of fish and chicken on board. I’ve been making fruit smoothies with frozen yogurt, bananas and berries. Tomorrow I’m going to make a strawberry/avocado smoothie – just got the recipe and it looks good. They are so filling and easy to make in hot weather. 🙂

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