Birds a coming

Pictures: I put up some feeders and even build a platform feeder out of some old wood laying around. While out and about and around the RV I have seen Tanager (Best guess Hepatic), Nuthatches(White-Breasted), a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet, lots of Ravens and others I have not IDed. If I stay long, I think it will be a good birding area.

Feeder 7D1_3834

First customer was a Robin.
Robin 7D2_1565

Weather: It is gets better every day. The temperature are staying in the low 80s πŸ™‚ Hey we even got a little rain last night but it has dry out fast today.

Night folks


11 thoughts on “Birds a coming

    1. Thanks, not sure I’ll take credit on that for skills though, LOL. But it should be sufficient, and hopefully I can get some bird visiting before I leave! Not much yet, just Robins coming to drink πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you, I’ll stay for a while at least, but not sure I’ll stay long enough to get a good established bird feeding area. Hopefully I get a little Variety of birds πŸ™‚


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