Lesser Goldfinch, Female

Pictures: Today’s birds are the Lesser Gold Finch. If I see any thistle while out walking I’ll bring it back to the feeder, it is the Goldfinches favorite seed.

This lady is still a bit shy, and I didn’t get the focus on the eye but still I like it.
Lesser Goldfinch-B 7D2_270616

Lesser Goldfinch 7D2_270616

Exercise: Today I rode the bike for 11.5 miles, not bad πŸ™‚

Oops, looks like I didn’t hit the publish button last night. Well Okay ….

Good day Folks πŸ™‚


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    1. They are very similar, but they are different. The American Goldfinch can be found over most of the US while the Lesser Goldfinch is mostly in the southwest and western cost. If you give them a lookup on Google you’ll see that the Lesser Goldfinch has a “bigger hat of black cap” πŸ™‚ , is just a bit less yellow and has a few more wing markings/bars. They are both very beautiful bird πŸ™‚

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