Lesser Goldfinch, Male

Pictures: Lesser Goldfinch again and this one is the male. I was fighting with some pretty hash light here 😦

Lesser Gold finch 6-7D2-270616

Looks like he has a friend in this shot 🙂
Lesser Gold Finch 1-7D2-270616

Evernote: Evernote sent me an email saying they will now only support 2 devices(Changing soon) on the Basic/Free accounts. I was looking for an alternative cloud when I came across a note saying that the Web Interface don’t count against you as a device when using it on the computer. So, I have uninstall the apps from my computers and I will have 2 apps available for devices. The web interface is not as cool or as convenient as the app for Windows but sufficient enough on the computers. They are trying hard to get folks on the paid accounts. I might buy Evernote for say ….. $50 $60 dollars on a one time basics but I will not pay a subscription yearly. Push come to shove I could live without a cloud …… 😦 How about you folks that use the free Evernote account, what do you think?

Exercise: Not much today, feeling a little tired.

Night folks


6 thoughts on “Lesser Goldfinch, Male

  1. The birds are lovely!

    I don’t use evernote so have no opinion other than it’s no surprise they’re trying something new to make money. I do love Capitalism, and the choice to buy it or not. 🙂 I’m all about Free Markets.

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    1. I like the free Market too, but not a big fan of bate and switch. At any rate they still have a free version that I can make do with seeing as I am a very low end user 🙂 If you never use it, I will tell you it is a great little cloud with a exactly software interface.

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  2. I Goggled Evernote, never heard about it before and it seems to be as Goggles One drive as I have. There is 15GB free upload. I have also Dropbox, 2GB free, I only use it for back up my site and gallery who is just under 2GB, then i remove the files from dropbox and store it in my pc and external HD and One drive 🙂

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    1. Thanks John, yes it is very much like Dropbox and OneDrive in many ways. I have and use Dropbox too. I do not use OneDrive because I don’t use a Microsoft account to sign-in to Windows 10, I instead use a local account. ( Even though I have OneDrive on my Android Tablet) . If Microsoft would make OneDrive independent of the Microsoft account I would use it. I do have Google Drive also. My “go to” has been Evernote the one I use the most.

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