Around Pie Town

Pictures: Landscape around the area of Pie Town. The area where I am parked has a little bit bigger trees and is fairly flat.
More birds tomorrow πŸ™‚



Exercise: I am keeping the walking up with a little two mile walk each day. I need to do more but can’t seem to find the energy 😦

City Chores: I am thinking maybe tomorrow I’ll go do my shopping in the city and that is a good drive, at least 80 miles one-way.

Weather: The temperature is fine but it is looking a lot like rain and I guess that is okay.
Update: It just sat in a good hard rain and is coming down pretty good, big drops with a little hail mixed in. Watch out my bird friends 😯

Night folks


4 thoughts on “Around Pie Town

    1. Hi Judy, the hail was small, thankfully. It always takes me a week or so to get birds coming to the feeders, so maybe, if you hang out a while πŸ™‚


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