Western Scrub-Jay

Pictures: Western Scurb-Jay, When I lived back east in a house I always put out peanuts in the shell for the Blue-Jay and when I came west there where lots of Jays but not Blue-Jays. Anyways I have been trying off and on for 8 + years to attract other Jays to feeder areas with shell peanuts and finally I got this Scrub-Jay to take a peanut! Mind you, I only get to set up feeders rarely 😦
I took these this morning and the light was harsh but I’ll keep it until I can get a better shot 🙂

The lady is checking it out …..


She takes the bait!


Exercise: Walk couple miles today.

Night folks


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  1. Beautiful picture 🙂 I like your bird picture much and i always Google the birds you photograph. This bird is a very clever one, who can plan for their future. 🙂

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