Black-headed Grosbeak

Pictures: This Black-headed Grosbeak would not come into the feeder area but watch with interest from afar. These are the best shots I could get in the distance. I also seen the female Grosbeak today but she wouldn’t come out to play 😦  She stayed hidden behind the limbs and such. Both the male and female Grosbeak are being shy.

Male, Black-headed Grosbeak.

Little better but still not close enough.

Exercise: I got my two miles in today. Yesterday I did a little better with two walks so maybe 3 our 4 miles.

Night folks


10 thoughts on “Black-headed Grosbeak

      1. It does take a little patience, but it is fun once you get started. I combined the photographing with the Bird watching and the photos help out a lot with a new Bird or one that is not so close by.

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    1. Thank you so much, I can say the same about your photos, always excellent! You’ll have to come west to see the Black-headed Grosbeak but I always loved seeing the Rose-breasted one too πŸ™‚


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