Rufous Hummers

Pictures: Here is a pair of Rufous Hummers.



Flash: When I last changed my batteries in the Flash that I have on my camera I went the wrong way! I always set it to -2/3 or -1 and use it just to get a little catch light in the birds eye. The last time I changed batteries I didn’t put on my reading glasses to do this job and went the wrong way and put +1 on the flash ….. needless to say I kept wondering why I was getting so many overexposed photos! A little age can be fun sometimes, LOL.

Night folks


14 thoughts on “Rufous Hummers

  1. Wonderful picture of the beautiful bird. Iยดm jealous on all beautiful birds you have, and you take realy good pictures, you can see that you are a very good photographer. ๐Ÿ™‚

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