Cliff Swallows

Pictures: These birds come by in the morning and sat on the lines, Cliff Swallows.



Congratulations : A congratulations is in order for one of my fellow RVers and friend, Barbara over at Me and My Dog …and My RV who has pasted one million views ……. that a lot of looking you getting there! Good job šŸ™‚

Let me see, I got about 50,000 in 9 years so …….. 50,000/1,000,000= 20 and 20 X 9 = 180 years to go for me!!! Well ….. I don’t guess I’ll be getting a million, LOL. Again, Congratulations to my friend Barbara šŸ™‚

Weather: Well we got another afternoon rain and it is good. Adds much needed water to a land that so needs it and it cools the afternoon down nicely šŸ™‚

Exercise: I walk three or four miles today, a good thing.

Night folks


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