More Red-tailed Hawk

Pictures: Here is a couple more shots of the Red-tailed Hawk. I am very fearful for this bird, it has been in the same area now for at least 6 days and that can not be good. If it does not move on soon it will not make it 😦 I have informed the Park Rangers but I think it will likely be policy not to interfere with the wild life.



Humming Bird feeder: I put my Humming feeder out the second day here and it started slow but I have a full gang of hummers now, after only a week 🙂 They give me great pleasure just watching them come and go. I hang the feeder off my slide of the RV and when I am in my recliner the birds are about 3 to 4 feet away.

Exercise: I got in about two miles today.

Rain: The morning was sunshiny and the afternoon is giving us rain, which is a good thing for two reason, one; it cool things down and two; this area can always use more rain. I got so I enjoy the rain out here in the southwest. In June here in the southwest, you see a lot of that, sunny mornings and rainy afternoons.

Night folks


17 thoughts on “More Red-tailed Hawk

  1. There could be something wrong with the hawk. Hope not though. Enjoy the hammers view. Oh! How I envy you…(lol) I’m presently in California and will also visit Baja California and won’t be posting for a while, but surely will love seeing your posts. Take care John.

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    1. Thanks Alix, I think something is not right because it has been in the area too long, I thinking it got out of the nest to soon or maybe something happen to mother Hawk. Well, when you are all done in the California area you should have some good pictures for us 😉 Enjoy your visiting.


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