Out the door

Pictures: Here is the view out my RV door.

I can see the train in the distance but can’t hear it, I am about 7 or 8 hundred feet from the interstate and the interstate noise override all else.


My lonely feeder area.


Exercise : I rode the bike for about 7 miles yesterday and I have rode for a about 11 miles today, took two rides but I got there 🙂

Night folks


More sunsets

Pictures: Playing with the foreground of the photos, I can use Photoshop to leave than very dark or light them up a bit or a lot. I try to find a place that fits for me in each shot and I miss sometimes, I am sure, but still I like to play.

The sun kisses the little tree good night.



Birds: I have stay in this area a few times and it is very open and I don’t see a lot of birds ….. but still I put out my bird bath and some seeds, so maybe. I have one tree next to my RV and than there is no more tree (or Anything over a feet or two tall) for a 100 feet or so. I do hear them in the distance, come on little birdie, I want to shoot you! 🙂

Night folks

No Pictures

Hi everyone, I’m going to be lazy today and not post a picture or pictures. My water pump on the RV went out over the weekend and I had to take a trip back to Flagstaff to get a new one and come back and replace the old one, so it was a long day. I had some problems with the old pump last year so it finally give up the ghost.

I always eat bad when I go into the city and I didn’t exercise any today so that is a double hit 😦 I’ll have to do good tomorrow 🙂

Night folks

Steal Dam

Pictures: On my walk yesterday, I walk a trail about a mile long (after walking 2 miles to trail Head) call Rock to Steal, this is two Dams, one made form rock and other from steal. The rock dam is cover over a bit with concrete but the steal dam is all steal. This is over a 100 years old I think and not a lot done to it since it was build. I don’t recall every seeing one like this. Here are some shots of it.



Side view.


From the back side.


Exercise: Walked about three miles today.

Night folks

Grace’s Warbler

Pictures: I am happy to add yet another lifer to my list, Grace’s Warbler 🙂



Data: Verizon will suck a extra $25 out of me this month 😦 Everything seem to take more bandwidth to do now-a-days. I fear that it will soon become prohibitive for me if the rate keep going up. Today is my last day on this data cycle so I will be able to do more tomorrow 🙂

Travel: I have moved but not very far. I am now about 40 miles west of Flagstaff.

Night folks