Western Bluebird

Pictures: Just one today, a Western Bluebird that landed near my RV after I got park today.


Travel : I have moved to an area near Flagstaff, AZ and it is an area that can get muddy and of course first thing is to get some rain LOL. I don’t mind too much, I’ll just stay in for a while 🙂 This is the area where all the Acron Woodpeckers are so look for some picture soon.

Setting Clocks: I had to roll all the clocks back an hour, AZ don’t do Day-light saving time. On the good side of things, I will likely be in AZ all winter so I should not have to set my clocks no more for a while 😛

Weather: I hear and see a lot of thunder and lighting near by and it seems to be coming this way 😦 Could be in for some hard storming! Not sounding good at all.

Night folks


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