Chipper and Acorn Woodpecker

Pictures: A Chipper and Acorn Woodpecker.



Chores: Went into the city today, did a little shopping and looking around.

Windows 10: I am now downloading Windows 10 version 1607, also known as the Anniversary Update. Wish me luck!

Update: Update my newer Laptop and looks like everything is working. I did have one crash just after the update, but looks like things are lined out now. I’ll keep checking programs as I go. It took me about 90 minutes to two hours to get it done.

Night Folks


7 thoughts on “Chipper and Acorn Woodpecker

  1. Those two guys are enjoying themselves…cute!
    My Win10 update version is 1511! Went well. Still finding out what changes have been made, apart from visual, and that IE looks more like Edge now and works more cleanly too…like it!
    John, you seem to have moved to a much greener area…where are you?
    Yes, it’s me, jmnowak, commwnting via my new Win10 Lumia950 phone

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    1. Hi Jmmnowak and thanks. My Windows 10 version went from 1511 to 1607. I am in a area within about 15 miles of Flagstaff, AZ. National Forest. Hope you enjoy your New phone πŸ™‚


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