15 thoughts on “Western Blue Bird Of Flagstaff

  1. So far I like the new format – now I can’t remember the old one! But this is very bright and open. It’s fun changing things from time to time. My blog could use a little updating.

    Love the bird photo! 🙂

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  2. The blog is looking great! I’ve been going through the themes and haven’t found one I like just yet.
    Which theme is this one? The images are front and center and a great size for viewing.

    My current theme seems to have changed and the images are now much smaller than they used to be.

    The bluebird is cute all fluffed up and clean. Great clarity and close up!

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    1. Thanks, the theme you was looking at was “Hemingway Rewrite” but I have changed it to “Scratchpad” now and I may not keep this one 🙂 As far as the Image size, I control that in the body of the post itself. I post one 640xsomething smaller and make it clickable to 2000x something smaller. If you use Flickr I can give you the code for that …… You may know more about it than I 🙂

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    1. Thank you, The Western Bluebirds are beautiful with all the colors as are the Eastern Bluebird. You know something I have not seen but very little of out here in he west is Bluebird house! I always seen lots of them back east. Your avatar reminded of that 🙂


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