Western Bluebird again

Pictures: A couple more Western Bluebirds.



Theme : Well okay I think that I am about to settle on this one, “Toujours”. As far I can tell the word is French but I can’t seems to get a solid definition for it. Anyone know this word? Maybe forever or always?

Weather: It has been really nice here temperature wise and will be good for a while yet. I think about moving sometimes but I am enjoying the weather so much. My next move will likely be to an area that is much warmer. The elevation here is almost 7000 feet and the area I am looking at next is only around 4000 feet which will mean a big change in temperature. Weather changes in short distance is a thing that I like about the southwest part of the US, one can drive for a hour and be in a totally different climate, however, temperatures are still hitting near a hundred in the area I’m consider, so I’ll wait a bit.

Data: Looks like I’ll be going over on my data limit šŸ˜¦ Man, I wish these wireless carries in the U.S. would lighting up on the cost of data. I think maybe there are some trends that feels like it is going to get a little better, I sure hope so.

Photoshop CS2 Free?: If you try the links I give you in a earlier post and didn’t get nowhere you might try this one This one to Adobe with download link and serial #.

Night folks


19 thoughts on “Western Bluebird again

  1. Toujours meaning: Still, always, no end, without interruption or of a definitive manner.
    Ex: I love you still. translation: Je t’aime toujours. You always have the last word. translation: Tu as toujours le dernier mot. Hope the above clarified matters for you.
    Beautiful bird, great shots John

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  2. This theme is VERY clean, John, and I love the text too…although a couple of things.
    1) Whenever I hover the cursor over any part of text or images, I see a thin-lined box around it all, as if you had prepared this post as an image.
    2) Not sure you need your name in the header. You have that lovely logo, which could be a little larger and placed on the left-hand side, along with the other text.
    What do you think?
    PS: The first image makes me think that someone has given him a watercolour makeover…delightful!
    Weather: Well, remember, Fall is happening soon…Cheers from rainy Melbourne Downunder.
    Oh, PPS: Did you learn coding/CSS at W3Schools? I’m considering learning too. Is there a fee involved, and how easy are the lessons?

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    1. Thanks for all the great feed back!
      (1) I am trying to see if I can repeat this but I can’t … are you using a computer or a device of some type? I tried on both my computer and tablet. I’ll put this in the blog to see if it is happening to anyone else.
      (2) It is a little redundant … I kind of put the logo in as a second thought. I’ll think on it šŸ™‚
      About coding; I don’t really know coding, I just try to pick up little bits of it here and there to help me do little things. The link is to a place I’ll go look if I want to do something that isn’t too complicated and was thinking it may help others like myself. Years ago I did take a couple programing courses but never worked with or did much programing.
      I am glad you enjoyed the image, I sure enjoyed watching the bird, I love the colors in these Western Bluebirds.

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      1. Re item, I’ve replied to your comment elsewhere on this.
        Re item 2) Your header info. I’ve had a re-think too — I think it would look great just having the text (not your name) and your logo on the right, as a centered piece of information in the header. Because, really, your logo tells us who you are!
        Re item 3) and CSS/HTML, I’ve picked up some tips along the way too. I have bookmarked various pages re the W3School, but, most likely, will ask questions in the appropriate WP forum, as I’m lazy! I’ll be starting with an item on my home page.
        I think coding is a good skill to have, if you’re mentally that way inclined. I’m more your overall designer/user who can see where things could be improved, which the coders would be the ones to make it happen. In my view, they’re the ones who are truly skilled to help make all this computing technology function, irrespective of any problems along the way; it all gets sorted eventually, yes?! Speak soon…

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        1. Thanks for all the great feed back. I know very little about choosing/programming but like you I have a lot of respect for those that do, it certainly not a easy chore šŸ™‚

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    1. Okay on the click thing. Thank you ever so much for pointing out the misspell word, you know that has been like that for years! I just never seen it and no one ever mention it! My spelling and typing always leave errors behind šŸ˜¦ If you read my blog much you will see lots of this and you are more than welcome to point it out and as a matter of fact I really appreciate it, I do need a proof reader šŸ™‚


      1. Thanks, John, for offering me the role of your blog editor…I’ll keep it in mind, ‘tho I must say, these days often these things don’t bother me at all. It was just that this one is a Featured Image, so it stands out more, if you get my drift! Cheeri-hoo!

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        1. Thanks, really not trying to put you to work, just saying you’re more than welcome to point out my errors if you so desire šŸ™‚ I agree, having featured spelled wrong in the featured image was a really goofy looking mistake, really appreciate you pointing it out!


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