Even more Painted Redstarts

Pictures: I just can’t stop shooting my birds πŸ™‚ Two more Redstart pictures.


“Oh my, this water is cold!”


Theme : Jmnowak report in the comments that when she clicks in the text area of a post it puts a line around it, as if it was a image.

“1) Whenever I hover the cursor over any part of text or images, I see a thin-lined box around it all, as if you had prepared this post as an image.
Sorry β€” I meant to say β€˜click’ into the text area”

Is anyone else seeing this? I can’t see it from my computer or tablet. Your feed back would be greatly appreciated!

Exercise: I walked for two miles and rode the bike for a couple just goofing off.

Night folks

17 thoughts on “Even more Painted Redstarts

  1. Wonderful. Redstarts are one of my favourite birds, I seldom – very seldom see them – but like all beautiful birds, when I do, it is such a treat. Baltimore Orioles are a rare sight in my neck of the woods, but no summer is complete without at least one sighting – and yes, yesterday, mission accomplished. Beautiful bird – but they all are, aren’t they? Peace, Harlon

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  2. I love those Redstarts!

    Nope, nothing unusual when I hover or click. Of course, on the photos the “hand” comes up and when I click I get an enlarged image, but that’s supposed to happen. Weird that Jmnowak would see something different. πŸ™‚

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      1. Ha! Thanks guys…It still happens on my PC, a Win10 laptop. But, here’s a thought, John: In them dim, dark days gone by, when desktop publishing first started (for me, on my Macintosh SE using Pagemaker 4…that should tell you how old I am…lol), web pages were produced within something called a ‘frame’. That is what I am seeing…a frame. It doesn’t hurt anything or anybody! Cheeri-pip, πŸ˜€

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