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Hi everyone, I’m going to be lazy today and not post a picture or pictures. My water pump on the RV went out over the weekend and I had to take a trip back to Flagstaff to get a new one and come back and replace the old one, so it was a long day. I had some problems with the old pump last year so it finally give up the ghost.

I always eat bad when I go into the city and I didn’t exercise any today so that is a double hit šŸ˜¦ I’ll have to do good tomorrow šŸ™‚

Night folks


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    1. I don’t guess I can fuss about being away form home because home is where I park šŸ™‚ It would have been nice for it to go at the place I was just before this one because it was closer to town, but still it was not to bad seeing as I only had to travel 50 miles to the RV place.


  1. Well that’s a bummer, but we’ve got to have water, so… Luckily you can change it out yourself so you didn’t have to pay anyone to replace it for you. Small blessing and a pain in the neck, but still.

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    1. The guy it the place where I got the new one said I had done good with getting 9 years out of the one I had (they have a date on them) because they where only rated for 5 years. Lucky I can do the small things with the RV and truck.


    1. Hey welcome to Full-time Rving (well soon anyways) Don’t pay much mind to how others do it other then to learn a different way to do it. In the end you will find your own way of doing things and that is as it should be šŸ™‚ Good luck with it all and maybe I’ll see you on the road šŸ™‚

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