Broad-tailed Hummingbird

Pictures: Here is a shot of a Broad-tailed Hummer, my only visitor so far.



Exercise: Two miles of walking.

Night folks


Yet another Rainy day

Pictures: Seems like I have been in a lot of rain this year. I guess that is a good thing when you are in the southwest.

Clouds and the mountains at play.



Weather: It is raining a little today but mostly cloudy.

Exercise: I walked for 2 miles today and I cannot lie, I was just a bit stiff when I started today’s walk, form yesterdays walk. When I got back I was doing better 🙂

Night folks

No Pictures

Pictures: Not today 😦 This place leaves me without!

City: Got into the city today and got some things done, laundry, shopping and such.

Exercise : I walked for 4.3 miles today.

Weather : It has been a fine day with temps in the low 80s to mid 80s.

I hope today post wasn’t too exciting for you 😈 I promise to do better tomorrow even if I have to dig up some old shots 🙂

Night Folks

Moved Today

Pictures: I have moved today and I am now near Camp Verde, AZ. The area is much different than the one I just left. The one I just left had tall Pine tree and lots of large Gamble Oak but this new area has very few tree over 10 feet tall. The two places are only an hour apart but I am at about half the elevation now. The birds will not be as populated here but Needless I put out my bird bath and threw out a few seeds, so maybe I’ll get a bird or two 🙂



Weather: I woke this morning to rain so I hurry along to get on the road to my location. It was not raining in the new area, nice!

Night folks

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Pictures: This morning these two came by for a nice cool bath. It was about 50° this morning and I had just open the door of the RV and was debating whether or not to close it and fire up the heater, but I stayed tough and was rewarded with these shots 🙂

Both of these are females but the first bird is a first winter bird.



Weather: It is cool this morning and windy but the weatherman says it will get near 70° today.

Exercise: I got out and walk a couple miles with a friend today. Added five miles on the bike.

Night folks

Wild Flowers and pimping the Computer

Pictures: More Wild Flowers.

Flower-11-7D2-092116 Flower-12-7D2-092116

Firefox: I use Firefox for my Browser and it is not a very fast browser but I like it because you can get plugins for about anything and I have a ton of them. I know that they slow me down a bit but that is okay. Most of them are for security and privacy but I have some just for fun too. One I just starting playing with is Personas Plus, it lets you make you own theme for Firefox, so I have been pimping my Firefox 😀

Pimping my Fox 🙂


I also like to pimp out my Desktop. Sometimes I use a photo I shot but other times I just like playing with it. I need to find a picture of Bill Gates and put him looking out the window, you know ….. Microsoft watching 😉

My Desktop

Weather: More rain, looks and feels like a all day thing, we are on a roll here with all the rain 😦 Another all day in the RV.

Night folks

Acorn Woodpeckers

Pictures: Acorn Woodpeckers.



Weather: I am caught in a cool vs hot weather situation. I can stay here for a week more and have cooler temperatures mid 60 days and near 40 for some nights or go south a bit and have 90 days and 60 nights.

However, I am having trouble with my truck clutch again 😦 (hard to find good repair folks) and may have to move according to my repair needs.

Exercise: I got a walk(2 mile) in today the fist in three days. I went to the city one day and didn’t walk, the next day I didn’t walk because it rain all day and the the day before these two I just had a off day and only walked a mile, really slacked up 😦

Night folks