Route 66

Pictures: On my bike ride this morning.

This old road is part of what use to be Route 66, it runs for about 4 miles and I am camped near the center of it. Last year I walked to the east end and this year I rode my bike to west end. Both ends of the road come to meet I-40. I don’t know if they take back up on the other side of the interstate or maybe it run with it, not sure. It is on it’s last leg and I doubt that it will ever be restored. I love finding little pieces of Route 66, I always imagine old Model T s and Model A s running back and forth on them 🙂 And I always think of the all the people I knew as a kid and wonder how many of them may have rode across this very part of the road at one time in their life. Maybe even my father when he came west to work in the CC Camps as a young man. I am sure if this old road could talk it would have tells of fascination beyond belief 🙂


This was off to the north of me (where I rode the bike today.


Exercise : I rode the bike for 10 miles today, a good ride. I did it all in one go today … well except to stop now and than to enjoy the scenery 🙂

Night folks