Pictures: A mixed set.

On my bike ride yesterday I came across this pond, even though it is the rainy season here the pond isn’t much more than a mud hole.


Near the pond was this rough looking plant that had nice white blooms on it.


A sunset from a couple days ago, that lit the bottom of the clouds in red.


For tomorrow’s post I have a sunset from last night that I found to be very unique.

Weather: We got a little rain last night and maybe it was the clouds that made for the great sunset I enjoyed last night.

Mail: Today I went to the local post office to see if they would except general delivery and they had me fill out a card that ask for old and new address ….. well if I had a new address I wouldn’t need general delivery would I????? I felt like saying “here is your sign” but I was nice and explain that I was out in my RV enjoying the Nation Forest. Still, they wanted to know where I was in the RV so I give them a I-40 Exit #. Government rules, nuts!

Night folks


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  1. Hint: When you go to pick up your mail, have a 3 x 5 card (or equivalent) with your name printed in large letters on it to hand to the clerk as you ask for your mail. This is especially useful if you are expecting a package. It helps the clerk match what s/he is seeing on a package/letter to what he is seeing on the card. Turns out this is more efficient than just saying your name, which is then open to interpretation by the listener.

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