Very old Photos

Pictures: I started birding and photographing within a year or so of each other, to me they kind of went hand in hand. These shots where taken not so long after I started all that, at least 12 year ago I would think. Let me look ….. Okay the EXIF say I took these 10/13/2005 at about 4pm, so they are 12 years old. I took these with a Canon 20d (that I still have 🙂 ) and 300mm Lens + the 1.4 EXT. Still have those things too, I need to update maybe …. 🙂 At any rate I process them today(again) and here they are.

Carolina Chickadee, picture taken in KY.


Carolina Cickadee redone2016

Exercise: I walked for 2.3 miles today.

Night folks