Very old Photos

Pictures: I started birding and photographing within a year or so of each other, to me they kind of went hand in hand. These shots where taken not so long after I started all that, at least 12 year ago I would think. Let me look ….. Okay the EXIF say I took these 10/13/2005 at about 4pm, so they are 12 years old. I took these with a Canon 20d (that I still have πŸ™‚ ) and 300mm Lens + the 1.4 EXT. Still have those things too, I need to update maybe …. πŸ™‚ At any rate I process them today(again) and here they are.

Carolina Chickadee, picture taken in KY.


Carolina Cickadee redone2016

Exercise: I walked for 2.3 miles today.

Night folks


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  1. Fantastic result with your 20D. I read an article recently advising owners of old Canon Lenses to keep them for they still provide excellent results such as the 300mm. I have one of those and I use it sometimes. Those 2 pictures are extraordinary John.

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    1. Thanks Alix, do you have the F2.8 or the F4 like my? I shot with the 300 F4 lens right up till I got the 100-400 last year. It is a good lens but I have not shot with it since I got the newer 100-400. The 300 is a excellent lens to shoot butterflies and flowers. You know, I do miss the extra stop with the 100-400 being f5.6 on the long end.


      1. Sorry for the delay, John. But I wanted to reply regardless. The lens I have is a EF100-300mm f/4.5-6. The lens is good and not really used very often, but on occasion, I do. Same with me, because i have other lenses that are newer and better, therefore, this one takes a rest in the meantime. My 100-400 is the first generation and I am told that the latest version is quite good and based on the quality of your pictures, I am convinced. Take care.

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    2. No problem Alix, the last thing you’ll find me in …. is a hurry! I never had the 100-300 or the first 100-400 but I will give high marks to the 100-400 mark II! I have a friend which I kind of got started into photographing and he has the 600 F4 Mark II, man oh man, I am green with envy!!!!


      1. Couldn’t afford the Canon 600 and got the Sigma 150-600 f/4-5-6. Less money, but worth it. The Canon version is cumbersome, difficult to carry on a plane and huuuuge.

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  2. Can’t imagine the world without the gorgeous birds! That’s why they say ‘shoot birds and animals but only with cameras’! Even I just posted some lovely pics from my birding trip to the Nilgiris, which you’ll surely like! πŸ™‚

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