Old and New

Pictures: Western(newer photo) and Eastern(old photo) Blue Birds. The older photo was taken in much better light but the newer photo has more detail.

Note; the difference in lighter and darker colors is my doings, in that the light when the photo was shot and the processing is a bit bit different in these two shots. Other than the before mentioned differences, what are the differences that you see in these two birds? I see a couple of things.

Western Bluebird.


Eastern Bluebird.


Missing the Holiday: I had plan a trip to the city for today but after talking with a friend on the phone yesterday he reminder me that it was Labor Day weekend, so I will delay the trip. Well two things here, One; When I forget about it being a holiday it is a good sign because it means that I am relaxed πŸ™‚ , Two; I don’t like to get out and about during the holidays because of the crowds and heavy traffic. Bottom line, today I will chill out and maybe go into the city tomorrow.

Exercise: A good walk today, 5.7 miles.

Night folks


10 thoughts on “Old and New

    1. Hi Renxkyoko and thanks, the coloring is likely my fault due to lighting at the time of day I took the pictures and maybe a bit of the way I process them. The color of the two birds if you could seen them side by side is really about the same. You did nail it on the pattern, there are a bit different πŸ™‚

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    1. Hi Judie and thanks, you are right that there is a difference between the Eastern and Western color pattern. The Western has a bit of blue on the belly area and the Eastern is pretty much all white in the lower belly. The Western has more blue on it neck area too and the rust color goes down the back a bit more too. Lucky these two birds are not widely in the same places, in some of NM and a little of TX.

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    1. The color is pretty close on these two birds, the difference here is likely my fault in the manner in which I took and process the photos. The eastern beak may be a tab shorter but not enough that I could ID one by the beak size. The color pattern is were the differences are. Hope you got my reply email πŸ™‚

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