Praying mantis

Pictures: I seen this Praying mantis yesterday while out shooting the Sunflowers.

Looks like it was having lunch.


Clean up after lunch.


Moved: I have move today but not much maybe 20 miles or so. I am now south of Ash Fork, AZ a ways. Not sure how long I will stay here.

Night folks


10 thoughts on “Praying mantis

  1. Nice shots. All the praying mantes that I’ve seen around here are pure green like the stems your is on and it makes them very hard to see. Maybe his habitat normally has more brown than green.

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    1. Thanks David, I was just telling John, “I have mostly seen the green ones too. I look online(Google) to see if I should call this one a Praying mantis or not and it looks like they are many different colors and shapes.”

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  2. Just curious John, why do you move so much?
    Praying Mantis makes great objects to capture. I get very excited when I spot one. Not much to find in my neck of the wood, meaning my neighborhood, but in the Everglades and other areas, (although rare to spot) I saw them.

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