Hiding in a Thimble

If you put everything I did today in a thimble and give it a shake or two, I fear it would be lost forever!! So just one of them days. I did ride the bike about 8 miles today and rode for about 7 yesterday. I am feeling lazy as all get out over the last couple of days, just no will to do a thing. I hope that goes away soon!
I did manage to set up a little feeding station today, don’t know if it will get any visitors or not.

Pictures: One last sunset from the area I just moved from..


I will likely not put seed on the ground here, I think maybe there might be too many night-time critters here that would come around during the night, so I’ll bring the seed inside in the evening.

Coyotes : I know for sure there are lots of Coyotes here, I hear them all during the night and I kind of like the sound 🙂

Night folks