Wild flowers

Pictures: Just some wild flowers around the RV.

I am surprise sometimes when I see the rough area that these flowers will grow in.

Flower 11-7D1_091616

But grow they do.




Makes a bee’s mouth water ๐Ÿ™‚


Exercise: I walked for about 3 miles today.

The following is for folks that use WordPress.com as their blog.
Likes: WordPress is a pain sometimes! I use my Android WordPress App to read blogs(it has a build in reader) and it gives a bit different look than a browser. In some ways it is easier but it don’t show the full site, it just kind of shows text and images, like reader/image viewer. Which is fine most of the time.

However….. ๐Ÿ™‚ sometimes I like to look at sites in my browser and I got to noticing that many sites when looking at a front page that shows many posts (like my blog does), each individual post in the front page did not show the “like button” at the bottom of each post. To see the like button you had to click each post individually like it than go back to the main page and do the same for the next post. Doing likes like this takes a lot more time when the blog is like my and shows all of each post without the need to click on it. So it is nice when the Like button is there on the main/front page with each post. You can like it and just stroll down to the next post. Saves a lot of time and page loading(Data).

So …. I wonder if my site is like that …. so I log off and click on my site and it too did not show the likes at the bottom of each post without clicking the post first.

I had to fix that! This is how I did it. Link to the support page WordPress Like Support Page In the support page find this (figure 1) and do it! (Note “it” being to put a check in the box by Front Page, Archive Pages, and Search Results ) Than each post on your front page will have the Like bottom ๐Ÿ™‚ without having to click each individual post, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 1.
 photo the-likes_zpsv7ttr1sj.jpg

Figure 2.
 photo Like-this-likes_zpsyrlqzfyq.jpg

Wee, I hope this helps someone!

Night folks

16 thoughts on “Wild flowers

    1. Thanks Alix, I run into sites that are not WordPress site and with all the security/privacy plug-ins I have in Firefox I can’t do much of nothing with them!


  1. Before I forget, I liked that last photo of โ€ฆ “Pollen exploding”โ€ฆnot sure what was going on but it was interesting.

    To the likes, yes, mine is set up for easy likes, it was a conscious decision. And on some longer posts, yours with the nice photos today was longish, on some longer posts it is an eyestrain for me to scroll back up and find the comments section icon and click it, then scroll back down, then after I’ve commented I have to back track to get to your main page again, (this is on some blog styles), so I can see the next post.

    I have significant eye problems so I like a blog set up for easy likes with the comment right next to the likes at the bottom (sometimes I just wanna like, sometimes wanna comment) and then my absolute FAVorite blogs are set up with those arrows near the bottom to click previous or next. Easy peasy, low eyestrain.

    Your wall is easily navigable, many is the time I’ve straight up given up on a blogger if they have a really cool site but it isn’t easy to comment or ‘like’ or, what I really hate.. I’m not allowed to like at all but rather am given only the choice of commentingโ€ฆ.I move on to someone else’s blog. It’s a big wide wonderful world, I’m with you, make it easy for your readers! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

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    1. Thank you for the great feed back! Yes, I too think it is good to make it as simple as possible. With the WordPress.com (as you know )you got to pick a theme and live with it unless you pay and I tried to pick one lite on the eyes and ease to navigate. I wish my comments where at the button but I don’t see a way to to do that without a new theme. I like this one in that it is pretty simple, but I’ll keep my eye for a better one ๐Ÿ™‚
      I like your theme pretty well can you change the backgrounds/text colors?


  2. Again, thanks for the info, John. I had to change my theme today and so forth… and get a domain etc. But I didn’t get the “Like” until I read your above information on the subject. I was able to get it from the “Sharing” label. Unfortunately I am not able to post any picture yet and their Support section is not available perhaps until tomorrow. And I won’t have time to look into it (unless I push hard to get to it) I will be traveling to Colorado Tuesday morning for about 8 days.. A bummer, huh.

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    1. You are welcome, If you host you Photo on Flickr and need to link, I can help with the code to do that, it is what I use (photos stored on Flickr and Link to my WordPress Blog) . I use the free version of WordPress so my space is limit. If you hosting you photos on a domain that you pay for than I don’t know how that would work. Life just gets in the way of all the fun things don’t it?!


      1. Thanks John, but in the end I elected to go Premium. Not too bad for the time being. I also post few photos to Flickr sometimes but not on a regular basis. BTW, I hope you like my new page. Tomorrow, I’ll be in Colorado for about a week. Take care for now.

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      2. I like the looks of the new site, laid out nice and ease to read. So, does the Premium Site have a different up-loader than the free site? Do you use the new editor? I still use the old one and won’t let go till they make me ๐Ÿ™‚
        I took a look at the new editor and it looks like you up-load the same way. When in the editor, Click the Add Media button (icon in the new editor) in the top left which takes you to your Library and than click the Up-load button. Of course I could be missing something since I don’t use the Premium Site. I also could missing something if you do you post without using the editor at all. So many ways to do things on the net.
        Be careful while out traveling and enjoy your week in Colorado.


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