Wild Flowers and pimping the Computer

Pictures: More Wild Flowers.

Flower-11-7D2-092116 Flower-12-7D2-092116

Firefox: I use Firefox for my Browser and it is not a very fast browser but I like it because you can get plugins for about anything and I have a ton of them. I know that they slow me down a bit but that is okay. Most of them are for security and privacy but I have some just for fun too. One I just starting playing with is Personas Plus, it lets you make you own theme for Firefox, so I have been pimping my Firefox πŸ˜€

Pimping my Fox πŸ™‚


I also like to pimp out my Desktop. Sometimes I use a photo I shot but other times I just like playing with it. I need to find a picture of Bill Gates and put him looking out the window, you know ….. Microsoft watching πŸ˜‰

My Desktop

Weather: More rain, looks and feels like a all day thing, we are on a roll here with all the rain 😦 Another all day in the RV.

Night folks


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    1. Thanks David, I guess if I put Bill in the Window I would also have to put all the other software CEOs in (Adobe, Apple Google, Uncle Sam, etc and in the end, the Window just would not be big enough, LOL! But I have always thought that this background should have Bill looking out the window πŸ™‚

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