Couple more days of trails

Pictures: Bike Trail, had enough yet? Another day or two 🙂




Email: Looking at moving my email addresses. Maybe Protonmail or Tutanota mail, maybe both. I will likely not use the encryption that much but I will feel better that my email is not being scanned all the time. Anyone use these?

Exercise: Not today, chilling 🙂

Night folks


These Shots from along the Trail

Pictures: From along the bike trail in Kingman, AZ. The area has it’s beauty.



There are many areas with the rock that is eroded away in this manner. I see where bigger birds use the holes, maybe Hawks or Owls.


Exercise: I rode the bike 8.5 miles today. I had a little spill today …. Nothing major, just took off a like bark here and there, a few bandaids and I’ll as good as new 🙂 . You know, I think falling is a little tougher now than it use-to-be o_O

Night folks

More Bike Trail shots

Pictures: Couple more of the bike trail and the last picture just scenery from along the trail.




Exercise : I rode the bike for about 7 miles today and took a few pictures along the way ….. so more shots coming soon.

New parts : I went down to the city today and got a new stem for my Bike seat. I am putting a little wear and tear on the old bike. Actually, I just replaced what a bike shop broke when working on my bike down in Cottonwood last spring 😦 They put it on a rake hanging by the seat stem and was a little to rough.

The bike shop in Kingman, AZ sure had some nice bikes and they temped me pretty good but I resisted. I just got too many other things ahead of a bike to pay for and buy for now 😦

Night folks

Short Bike Ride Today :)

Pictures: More pictures from the bike trails.


A few places along the way where you certainly would not want to fall off the bike!



Nice cool parking spot!


Exercise: I just did 5.5 miles on the bike today and that was enough after yesterday’s long ride.

New toys out: Both Apple and Microsoft have new goodies out now but I am more impressed with Apple’s take on things. Not that my budget will be allowing any new Macbook Pro, but they sure look fine.

Night folks

Long Bike Ride

Pictures: Here are a few shots along my bike trail today, just for an ideal of what they look like. They are pretty rough for me and my street bike 🙂 I have more shots to post so tomorrow and maybe the next day will be photos along the trail.
As always you can click for the bigger picture.

Top left, you can see the RV in the distance.



Again you can see the RV, just to the left of the big rocks.

Exercise: I took the long bike trail today and I am going to say it was roughly 12 miles. My odometer said 11.68 and it is a bit behind my GPS or Google maps when I use them. There are a few spots along the way I have to get off and push but only a few feet each and I would guess that I push less than a half mile. Long hard ride for the old dude!!! But damn it felt good 🙂

Night folk

Another day gone

City: I ran the roads today got a few things done, just the everyday chores mostly.

No pictures today.

After getting back today I try to update the older laptop but it turns out I was two big updates behind so … I’ll need to wait till I have more data left on my Verizon MiFi device. No matter I just kind of keep it for a backup anyways. At any rate I looked up and the day is gone.

Night folks

Good Exercise Today

Pictures: Same old, same old pictures of the White-crowned Sparrow, nothing new. I do have these White-crowned Sparrows coming to my feeder area but that is the only birds coming by. It’ll have to do for now 🙂



Exercise: Well I rode the bike for 7 miles but a much harder trail today! It kind of kick my backside …. but still, it felt good and I enjoyed it tremendously.
I feel a little foolish sometimes out on the trail when I cross paths with the real mountain trail riders, usually much younger than I and on bike that cost twice as many thousands of dollars than my did hundreds of dollars. Bike that cost in between 5 and 10 thousand dollars, wow. Still I get the same enjoyment and benefit of exercise as they do, so HA!!! So, I’ll just ride on with my old aged body and my cheap bike 🙂

Night folks