Kingman, AZ

Pictures: I have been enjoying my new area, it is a place I have been a few times now and I enjoy it each time I come here. I have not taken any pictures just yet but I’ll put a link to my Flickr album if you want to take a look. I hope to add some more while here.

Here is a link to my Kingman, AZ area album in Flickr.

Exercise : Sunday I did not do anything, yesterday(Monday) I walked for 2 .8 miles and today I rode the bike on the bike trails for about 7 miles. Neither the bike or I are made for these trails but I do enjoy riding them and it give me a great workout.

Last year when I was here I talked with some of the guys that came here to ride the trails and the cost of their bikes blew me away! They do a lot of racing here and riding for fun and it is a poplar area for trail-bikes so some of the best come here. Some of the bike have as much as 5 to 10 thousand in them …. amazing you ask me! This cost is a thing that seems to be normal for the folks that come to race. There has got to be some happy bicycle shops around here somewhere!!!!

Birds : I don’t see a lot of birds while I am in this area but I put out some seeds and the bird bath just in case 🙂

Night folks