Old retro RV

Nothing: Yep, that is what is happening with me just now, nothing. I am in a area where the birds don’t come too near the RV (even if I do put out seeds and water) and my knees have been a little too sore to do much walking (that happens now and than) so I am just hanging out. I think tomorrow I will try to do some walking or bike riding and see how it feels.

The other day this cool looking RV came by and spend the night in the area. I wish I had gotten an opportunity to chat with the person or persons in it. Neat looking, don’t you think?


Computer: I have been playing around with free Cloud drives (don’t put much on them, I don’t have the bandwidth to play with uploading and downloading a lot of files) so I mostly just play and share a few files between devices. There are so many option for cloud storage now and free too( you don’t get a lot of data area but I don’t use much). I have tried OneNote which uses Onedive(this is a way for me to play with Microsoft One Drive without signing my computer into a Microsoft account, I just sign the OneNote app in. To use the One Drive straight out you need you computer sign into a Microsoft account and I don’t want to do that (At least this is the way I am understanding it). Than there’s Google drive too. I also play with Evernote, Sync, DropBox, Simplenote and Box. I think I like the ones that just store files and not the ones where you can work on or share things so much, in other words just storage. Something to do πŸ™‚

Night folks


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  1. I like dropping things into my folders on Evernote for reference later. And I started keeping a diary in Evernote. Haven’t used it on much else yet, though. It seems to take a lot of “power” to run it. I think that is because I have the premium version, and it is forever syncing with my iOS devices from the computer, and vice versa. My MacBook Pro is ancient (very slow now), and I am anxiously waiting to see what they will offer us next week.

    Virtual hugs,


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    1. I use Evernote a bit, but I prefer the clouds that just puts a folder on computer and anything you put in it or take out is sync to the cloud. I like that better because there is no need to do anything special to have it off line and I like if I load a txt file that when I download it is a txt file with no extra steps. But I find if you use one of the clouds enough you get use to how it does things.
      Ha, the new Mac’s …. After buying the camera gear last year I won’t be buying any High end computers this year 😦 But still I look forward to seeing what Apple does with it new Macbook pro. I think Microsoft has new goodies coming at the end of the month too so it should be a good month for new toys coming to the market πŸ™‚


      1. I have unlimited data on my iPhone, so it doesn’t impact me, but I’m pretty sure that all the uploading and downloading to/from the cloud counts against your data allowance. Not sure, but you might want to check it out if you find you are running out of data on a regular basis.

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        1. I wish I had that unlimited data! No, I don’t run out but I do keep a close eye on it. I can’t play as much as I’d like to! If I had lots of data I’d be backing up lot of photos in the cloud πŸ™‚

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