Starting to visit

Pictures: Well I am getting a few White-Crowned Sparrows coming by now. One even flew into the RV for a visit. I leave the door and screen door open to take pictures if the area don’t have too many flying bugs, so now and again I have one fly in.


Exercise: Rode the bike for 8.6 miles on the trails today.

Night folks

10 thoughts on “Starting to visit

  1. We opened the door one time in our 40-footer, and a little bird flew in and landed on the driver’s seat. A hawk flew in after him before we could shut the door. The hawk managed to bank left quickly enough to fly down the hallway to the bedroom and landed on the headboard. Query: How do you get a very angry and frightened hawk out of your bedroom? ;->

    Virtual hugs,


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    1. Ouch, I have never had a hawk in the RV, wow! I don’t think I’d want to help it much, I would just let it figure it out, LOL. Much have been a neat adventure!


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